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Deluxe Security Service Pvt. Ltd (DSS) is a leading security service provider in the Nepali private security industry. There are over 500 security companies operating in the country. Among them DSS has opened a new dimension in the arena of safety and security. DSS is widely known and has become a reputed brand name in the security sector of Nepal. Established in 2010 A.D. Deluxe Security Service Pvt. Ltd. (DSS) is a registered company (recognized by the Government of Nepal) with a ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing deployment and training services of security operatives. The field management of our company is well-appointed with necessary staffs that have outstanding experience in private security sector or extensive experience in the law enforcement agencies.

Safety and security is the basic need of any individual/organization and the negligence to realize can lead to disasters. We can act as a custodian in emergencies by systematically safeguarding your assets and lives. With modern methodology and latest gadgets, we are all set to give peace of mind to all of our security conscious customers by serving them with dedication to quality and integrity.

Founded by experienced workers from the civilian spectrum with an extensive security service background who work alongside experienced high-profile ex-army officers, we deliver premium training and security services to our valuable customers with absolute dedication to quality and integrity. DSS strives to provide the best security solutions for our customers through our conformity to high training standards which are on par with international security practices and a commitment to quality service and innovation.

We value every security officer and support them through management, mentoring and tending to their needs. Committed to remain the employer of choice in the security industry we offer our employees a vast array of additional benefits besides good pay packages, medical facilities, insurance covers and financial assistance. The practice we follow motivates the employees to stay committed and offer their best. And, it also allows us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.


  • Our company is focused on providing the highest level of security services based on standard and recommended practices of the private unarmed security industry.
  • The end goal is to provide protection and security to our clients through a bespoke service matched to every customer’s specific requirements. With the end goal in mind, we strive for the safety of the client’s staff and their assets by providing security operatives trained for the job.

Deluxe Security Service Quality Statement

“The core values of DSS are integrity, vigilance and helpfulness”

DSS security personnel are honest and trustworthy and the client can rest assured that their assets and company premises are protected. We have an open forum for employees and customers to voice their opinions and grievances to report any untoward incidents and share relevant information. We strive to provide diligent employees who perform their duties well without being distracted by their surroundings. Vigilant personnel are necessary to detect potential risks and incidents that may occur in the customers’ premises.

Experience in the sector

  1. DSS security guards are employed by clients involved in various sectors within the country. They range from International organizations, Multinational corporations to hotels and banks as well as schools and residences.
  2. Our 2000 strong manpower have provided quality security services to every one of our valuable clients.
  3. From its inception in 2067 B.S. (2010), the company has actively supplied guards to various organizations. DSS is capable of providing international standard security service and cleaning service as we are equipped with up-to-date surveillance and communication devices such as CCTV, hand-held radios, portable metal detectors and other relevant equipment.
  4. We have established a head office in Kathmandu and service branches in (Province-one) Itahari, Bardibas (Province-Two),Pokhara (Gandaki Province) , Butwal (Lumbini Province) and Dhangadi (Sudurpaschim Province) covering all seven provinces. DSS currently has 93 clients and approximately 1500 employees stationed at 107 Duty stations spread across the 77 districts of Nepal.

Employment Procedure

DSS offers a complete range of security services across the country, all of which is delivered by our capable security guards with ex-service men background or have received complete security service training.

We have strict hiring standards and filter applications to find applicants most suited for the job. After selection, each candidate is rigorously interviewed and skill tested on various grounds such as mental ability and personality. Our training team comprises of veteran security specialist and trainers from Nepal army and Nepal police, they are indeed the best in the business. We evaluate and select the best of the local talent based on specific conditions as required for the job profile. Our selection criteria are given below:

  1. Retired from Army or police service.
  2. For a civilian applicant, only Nepali citizens are considered. S/He must have no criminal record, be above the age of 18, Basic education with the ability to read and write in Nepali and understand “Basic English”. Be mentally and physically fit with eyesight of 6×6 and height not less than 5 feet 3 inches.
  3. DSS provide two weeks of refresher training for ex-security personnel and 4 weeks for civilian applicants.
  4. Deployment with the purpose of providing high-quality professional security services. DSS prioritizes employee’s training welfare, thus ensuring quality, loyalty and dedicated service to the clients. 
  5. After the security assessment of the workplace we deploy our guards with a full technical briefing and physical supervision of HR team, Operations team, Branch Managers and Supervisors.
  6. DSS always caters a reserve force for contingencies.

Employee Training

Skilled manpower is our trademark that we provide to our clients. Our dedication is to prepare highly skilful, inspired, well-trained, mission oriented personnel and their performance is the outcome. Risk assessment and threat perceived are the key components of training program which incorporates values and cultural practices in the training schedule. The training procedure followed are:

  1. Refresher training
  2. Induction and orientation 
  3. Security Guards basic training
  4. Specialized security training 
  5. On job Training

Why DSS?

The importance of choosing the right security service is paramount. It is important to learn about the functions and areas of specialization in security.

  1. DSS deploys its security force after a complete threat analysis of the workplace. We work hard to prepare security plans to ensure no area is left out of surveillance and security.
  2. We provide monthly security reports to our clients. In addition, clients can suggest upgrades to existing security measures if they feel some aspect was overlooked by the company.
  3.  DSS reduces administrative load by transferring security related issues from the client. The bulk of security management is done by DSS staff.
  4. Our guards have a single point of contact who is issued with hand-held radio to better control, co-ordinate and supervise guards on site.
  5. DSS provides guards who are ex-service-men and trained civilians. Both undergo a complete security training involving correct use of equipment and system which emphasizes on efficiency and proficiency. All guards are easily recognizable in their smart uniforms.
  6. DSS keeps a reserve force for any contingencies to ensure that the supply chain is not broken. This helps to provide timely solutions for the client’s needs.

Personal Qualities of our staff:

  1. Guard: A guard must be alert, honest, physically fit and have good communication skills along with the capability to search and perform sentry guarding duties, basic patrolling as well as reporting procedures. S/He must have working knowledge of fire fighting techniques, hazard identification, first aid, active shooter scenario handling, mine awareness, escort duties, hand cuffing, disarming and detaining, handling of clubs, sticks and knives and basic surveillance knowledge.
  2. Supervisor:  The supervisors must be adept at public relations, communication and situation reporting. Leadership qualities are a must. Operating knowledge of radio set, telephone and any other communication system. Good knowledge of electronic and radio security and a reasonably good command of English.
  3. Cleaner: Trained for the job.
  4. Security Officer/Manager: Good knowledge of written and spoken English, able to use computers, good managerial skills and in-depth knowledge of protocols procedures and tactical risk management.

Our Services

DSS provides you with the best security service money can buy. And, all of this is done without compromising on our core values of integrity and responsibility while keeping you and your assets safe and secure at all times. Our sector of service not limited to, Governmental / Non-Governmental Organizations, Commercial & Financial Institution (Banks/Finances/Insurance Companies, Business complexes, Shops etc.), Educational Institutions, Health Care Service Sector, Hospitality Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Residential Buildings, Close Protection, Bouncers as well as Personal Body Guards. We provide the following services:

  1. Security Consultancy
  2. Risk / Threat Assessment 
  3. Unarmed security guards
  4. Personal Security Officer
  5. Facility Supervision/Cleaning Services
  6. Event Security Management
  7. VIP/Close Protection
  8. Surveillance Services
  9. Cleaning Services
  10. Drivers, Messengers and Office Attendants 
  11. Security Guards Training (Basic one week & Advance one Month)

Registry Information

DSS is a registered private security company and all our employees are covered. The company registration information is given below:

  • Company Registration Number: 73423/2066/067
  • Registered Address: Balaju-16, Kathmandu
  • Current Address: Sukedhara-04, Kathmandu
  • Phone number: 01-5902114 /15/16/17
  • E-mail Address: sdeluxe2067@gmail.com
  • VAT/PAN Number: 304313716
  • Labor License no.: 14/075/076
  • Social Security Fund: 330608O930000073
  • EPF Number: 8931729
  • Municipality registration: 1184/075/076
  • ISO 2009:2015 Certified Number: ACM4725Q


Deluxe Security Service hereby take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and shed light on the services we provide and hope to build a relationship of mutual trust and symbiotic benefits in the process. Attached herewith is our profile listing our clientele and the varied service that we provide with the necessary permission and licensing from the Government of Nepal. We are supported by a strong management team and we strive to provide excellent services to satisfy the needs of the customers. Our customers are proof of our achievement over the years. We will be glad to hear from you so that we can provide smooth and hassle-free services at your instruction for performing all the responsibilities.